The Bold Life
Wealth and Freedom Academy 
6 Months to 6 Figures Training Program
May  - November 2018
 You Will Have a Revenue Producing 
Business by December 1

"I Was a Struggling Poetry Teacher 
Now I Travel the World and Make Money from Exotic Beaches"
Hi. I am Adam Gilad . 

If you're reading this - you know me from my programs and events.

But what you didn't know is that I was over 300K in debt with 2 little sons looking to me to be their role model and hero...
And I felt like shit!  

I knew I had to turn my financial life around.

And fast.

Flash forward 13 years and I've created the most amazing life for myself - Europe, Asia, South America, the Caribbean islands (all multiple times) - ski vacations with my boys and a beautiful life in my mountaintop lair overlooking the Malibu Hills.

And it's all because of one "flash" moment of insight...

That moment?  It came at my first internet marketing conference and it was this:

"Virtually infinite market. Virtually no start up costs.  No gatekeepers to stop me."

My life UTTERLY turned around when saw the truth, that...

 Content marketing is Easy, Scalable
In fact, content marketing is one of the EASIEST, QUICKEST, MOST RELIABLE and SCALABLE businesses you can build.

Selling a skill or knowledge base online is just the START.

With the system I have developed, anyone can build an Income Funnel from their interests or passions.


You can be 16 or 36 or 76.  Man or woman or "other."  Working or unemployed.

And you can do it all from home.

You don't need to be a techie.  Or some huge expert.

All you need to bring is a passion, interest, skill or some experience in life.

In fact... if your'e not an expert yet, I'll show you how you can get the world to pay you to become an expert as you learn!

All you need the formula and the guidance.

And I've got both for you.

Tested.  Proven.  Real world results.

So that you can live the life of travel, financial abundance and enjoyment with the people you love and drink all the fine wine (or kale shakes, depending on your tastes) you desire.
Imagine an extra 10K, 25K, even 50K 
or more per month in your pocket...
Once you put my "6 Months to 6 Figures"
 system to work, you will be able to ....

   * Buy your Mom a house.

   * Send your kids to college.

   * Travel the world.

   * Pay off your damned debts like I did!

I'll show you how to create your cash cascade.

How to spend or invest your new cash cascade is up to you.
If you WANT extra income, if you WANT to quit your job or if you just WANT to share your wisdom with the world and build up to OVER 7 Revenue Streams like I did, then pay very close attention:

This is a (pretty damned easy) fill-in-the-blank process I have prepared for you.  The heavy lifting is already done.  

This is the beginning of a new era for you.

Here is Exactly How I Will Help You Get
Up to 7+ NEW Streams of Income!
I wrote my first eBook in 2005 about how to write a men’s online dating profile that women actually liked.

It took me about a week to write.

Within 2 months, it brought me about $60 thousand dollars.

I was amazed!

It was just a lark for me! But people were HUNGRY for knowledge.

Men started writing me and saying – “This book is great, Adam! I’m finally getting dates online – but how to I get BETTER dates?”

So I did a bunch of interviews with pretty, successful women and how they wanted men to treat then...

 - And I made another $100,000!

All I did was interview them! 

And this was just the beginning, just a taste of how easy it is to sell useful content online!  

What I love best about working with Adam is that I get Tony Robbins level personal coaching at a ridiculously  affordable price. But I’ve been telling him to raise his prices, so you should sign up now before he does.”
J. Romm, Senior Fellow, American Progress 
[Named by Rolling Stone as one of of 
“The 100 People Who Are Changing America” ]

I Have Earned a High 6-Figure Income
from my "Bold Life Wealth and Freedom Formula" for 13 Years... 
And I am Going to Take ONLY 15 Students
to Walk Through this Formula, Step-by-Step!

[I'm literally giving you my "fill-in-the-blank-templates" 
to build your entire business, piece-by-piece)

The Bold Life Wealth and Freedom Academy is business school.

It's a Professional Training Launch Pad for your new revenue-producing business.

My commitment to you is that  - if you simply do the weekly "fill-in-the-blank" tasks each week,  you will emerge  with a viable, income-producing BUSINESS already in motion and making revenue.

If you work hard, you can be earning new streams of income BEFORE the Training Course is even over!

Plus, if you follow the already-done-path I lay out for you in this step-by-step training, I will introduce you to my MASSIVE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES who can sell your programs and provide you extra income by having you sell their programs.

All you have to do is show up every week, follow my "fill-in-the-blank" formula and create a program that solves real problems for real people.

I love this program - it’s like business school but everyone is on your side! The happiest surprise was that I didn’t have to know everything at first - I could go ahead and create something and become an expert along the way - and that’s what was stalling me! And the way Adam tailors his brilliant ideas for each person individually - it’s phenomenal!  He’s taken me to a whole new level of entrepreneurship, focus and business.” 
Jetté Momant
Event Planner, Coach, Strategist

"Adam’s got that astounding inner library of information in his mind - and it's at his disposal at the blink of a moment -  the way he gives me exactly what I need when I need it  - it blows me away.  I was anxious at first about starting a new business, but now I am confident that I will be successful because Adam has structured the Academy into a formal step-by-step and really easy path anyone can follow - and all my anxieties are gone." 
Eduardo Hernando 
The Hernando Group
The Magic 
"6 Months to 6 Figures"
 "Fill in the Blank" System
How to get searing clarity on your goals; how to turn your goals into the day-by-day systems that make your goals turn into actual cash flow.  We move steadily and methodically together in my LITERALLY fill-in-the-blanks weekly system until you are ready to launch your product funnel into the world!  Even if you've never created anything like this before, you will find this process easy and fun. Guaranteed!
Live Personal 
Coaching Sessions
To Move You Forward
Every week, I get on a live Zoom call with you and your Co-Wealth Creators and walk you through the system step-by-step and improve what you've done each week at home during that week's assignment.  I also answer any questions you may have to make sure you are on the bullet train to success and $$$$$$$. I will bring some extra firepower with friends of mine as guest teachers so you have both the IMPACT and the INCOME you want.
Weekend Coaching 
Accelerator Retreats 
Both Live and on Zoom
The Brilliance and Electricity that sizzles through the room when we all get together in  one room to share our progress, programs, marketing efforts and research will amaze you.  More importantly, you will leave every weekend  Coaching Retreat KNOWING that you are on track to the impact and $$$$$ you want. We meet every 6 weekends, alternating live somewhere cool and online in an all-day Zoom Brainstorm "Home Retreat"
Daily Support
Online Facebook Group
Other training programs fling information at you and push you to sea, saluting you and wishing you "Bon Voyage!"  With me, you have DAILY SUPPORT - I'm there on FB pretty every day during the week to answer any questions you might have or give you feedback.  Plus you can share in the wisdom of the other members.  In this program, you are never alone.

Here is the Module-by-Module
THE "6 Months to 6 Figures System"
nice and easy...

Define Your Vision 
Commit to Your Path
How to get searing clarity on your goals; how to turn your goals into the day-by-day systems that make goals turn into actual cash flow.
Turn Your Vision into an Irresistible Product Outline
My step-by-step system to turn your idea, skill, passion or expertise into a rock-solid product outline that is designed to make your audience CRAVE it.
Turn Your Product into 
a Step-By-Step Program
The world’s quickest way to put “flesh on the bones;” My fast-path method to create not a mere “book” but an easily assembled multi-media “program” that conveys high, high value.
Now Make Your Program 
a Total No-Brainer to Buy
The proven secrets to give your program and its modules an irresistible name; how to massively increase value by adding these specific “make-your-customer-salivate” “add-on” elements.
Make Buying an Easy
Page-by-Page Process
Here, you use my “fill-in-the-blanks” page-builder process that leads curious eyeballs from first contact right through the purchase and thank you page.
Make Your Offer a Total Yes with These Bonuses 
Here I teach you how to add the RIGHT kinds of bonuses that make people buy your whole program on impulse – sometimes just for the bonuses!
How to Create Pricing 
for Maximum Profit
The Magic Formula of over-delivering on value while creating an irresistible price structure for your whole program funnel. My magic language “fill-in-the-blanks” offer pages and purchase process take you from “hello” right through to “thank you for your purchase.”
Turning your Life Story 
into Marketing Magic
The blueprint to how to connect EMOTIONALLY with your prospective purchaser so they feel they know, like and trust you – and know that you are “one of them.”
Use This Ultimate Webinar Formula
My step by step blueprint for registering, writing, delivering and selling from a webinar or sales page so you don’t have to “think about it”

Get Traffic
And Increase  Do this
Now that you have your entire program and sales process built with my step-by-step formula – here’s how to find your best prospective customers through warm and cold traffic as well as the direct path of affiliates; includes template emails and ads that will get people stampeding to buy your programs.

Here is the Live Weekly 
Group Coaching Calls PLUS... 
Personal Coaching Calls
nice and easy...

Unlike so many other training programs, I don't just give you information and wish you luck, matey!

I'm with you in the ring every single week.

First - I will walk you through the "fill-in-the-blank" steps week by week so you have your Product, Your Bonuses, Your Upsells and all the Marketing Pages you need up and online and ready to sell, sell, sell!

Second, everybody gets 1 Personal Coaching Call per month - (some of you will get 2 per month - see below) - so I can dig in deeper with you and work out all the kinks and make your messaging SHINE!

I'm here to give you whatever is needed to get you into producing REAL CASH IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

Whatever it takes.

The Bold Life Wealth and Freedom Academy is not “theory” – it’s action, action, action.

And... the Weekend Coaching Accelerator
Retreats Weekends
nice and easy...

Our Weekend Intensives are INTENSE!

We use them to accelerate you toward launching your business.

The group brainstorming is like hiring a team of brilliant advisors to solve all your problems.

And if you can't make it to a live weekend - don't worry - WE STREAM IT LIVE to all members!

Plus we record the weekend sessions for every member to review right afterwards - so nobody falls behind.

Talk about having your back! 

Group Workshop to Hone 
Your Program & Product Funnel
The Magic Formula of over-delivering on value while creating an irresistible price structure for your whole program funnel. My magic language “fill-in-the-blanks” offer pages and purchase process take you from “hello” right through to “thank you for your purchase.”
July 27, 28, 29 - LIVE IN L.A.
Marketing Completion 
Weekend Retreat & Coaching Program
The blueprint to how to connect EMOTIONALLY with your prospective purchaser so they feel they know, like and trust you – and know that you are “one of them.”
September 21, 22, 23 - LIVE IN NYC
Sales and Coaching Skills
& Sales and Coaching Skills
The Magic Formula of over-delivering on value while creating an irresistible price structure for your whole program funnel. My magic language “fill-in-the-blanks” offer pages and purchase process take you from “hello” right through to “thank you for your purchase.”
November 30-Dec 2 - LIVE IN TBA.
Scaling and Multiple Streams Training 
& SMultiple Streams Training 
The blueprint to how to connect EMOTIONALLY with your prospective purchaser so they feel they know, like and trust you – and know that you are “one of them.”
Now It’s Your Time to Act!
Im only taking 15 new students.

By now, I’m sure you understand how much your life is about to change.

You are about to “download” a done-for-you system and build your first online business - and once you have the formula, you can rinse and repeat!

Cutting edge. Effective. Compounding.
This is a career training program and if you just follow the steps,     
you can easily earn over $100,000 every year for many years to come
I have made the process easy to learn and easy to do.

And it's easy to become a member.

Most entrepreneurial training programs – and they are not NEARLY as good – have tuitions between $15,000 and $30,000.
The tuition for The Bold Life Coaching Academy program is still FAR LESS than you might guess - and you'll get a Special $500 Discount if you use the code: WEALTH on checkout!
Your Pathway to Impact and Massive Income

✓ The Complete Bold Life Wealth Academy 
10 Training Modules  - The ANYONE can do it, “Fill-in-the-Blank” System (takes you from first Idea-to-Income pouring in)
✓ 6  Months of No-Holds-Barred, 
Step-by-Step Live Weekly Coaching Sessions
the DIRECT PATH to Launch and Revenue
✓ 3 Full Weekend Coaching Accelerator Retreats 
Both Live and on Zoom
We do them both in dynamic, interactive live mastermind retreats and full ZOOM days
✓ 6 Private 1 on 1 
Acceleration Coaching Sessions
with Adam Gilad to solve any and all individual challenges you might have and sharpen your marketing & strategies
✓ Special ADVANCED Training in Fresh HOT Traffic  -- so you have a steady and growing stream of buyers
✓  "The Master Skill Masterclass" - Sell! Sell! Sell!  This is my advanced training on the one skill that separates the wannabes from the top online millionaires - how to write copy and emails that make people rush to buy!
✓ "The Daily Cash Funnel" My special Advanced Training on Using Social Media Efficiently and Profitably - so it fills your pockets without eating up your time
Your Tuition, Only:
Anyone who knows me, knows that if you are serious about making a real change in your life, I will help you find a way to make this doable for you. So...
6 Installments of:
6 x 1650 only 
3 Installments of:
3 x 2999 only 
Full Payment
1 installment only 
Use the code: WEALTH  - to save $500 while we are still on this call!

If you have a special situation, such as being a student, and you would like to talk about a special payment arrangement, please schedule a time with me here: 
Of course I can't guarantee there will still be seats!