The Creative Way to Attain Life Mastery Through Skillful Play
The Higher Game Mastery Circles are a series of live transformational, interpersonal game circles designed to help players awaken and align their hidden powers to achieve their own unique highest vision of their lives. It is a profound yet playful journey through your entire self, where you can finally claim and embody your power, discover and speak your hidden truths clearly and boldly, love more freely and fully, connect with adventurous people, live your true vision and have the impact on the world you most desire.
Opening up to Your Power and Desired Life, One Quest at a Time
Most of us want to grow, change and live into our highest vision. The Higher Game makes it fun – and effective. Through our unique curriculum, you will be guided by certified leaders through a cycle of interactive games that will help you reveal your greatest strengths, most troublesome obstacles – and importantly – new ideas for overcoming them. The games open the door – but the discovery and vision come from you. Real change. Real community. Real people. In real life! Together.
You're Already in the Game of Life, So Play to Win!  
Start your transformational journey and meet hundreds of other men and women dedicated to change by joining al Circle in your home town or city.  If there isn't one yet, we will alert you when one begins.  Get on the waiting list. 
If you are passionate about transformational work, a leader, mentor, trainer or coach in your town or city -  create a thriving local Higher Game community revenue and draw hundreds of new prospective clients into your world!
Don't miss a thing!  Stay on top of our local, regional, national, international and online events and retreats by joining our Facebook Group.  Meet other (fun) men and women dedicated to real change and a happy life.

The choice is clear - the path is yours - the stakes are as high as they get...
  • Live OUT of alignment with and fail  your highest goals
  • Live in scarcity fueling separation and division
  • Old, limiting stories, habitually pessimistic and cynical 
  • Live “at effect” –  in reaction and victimhood 
  • Suffer in relationships because of ego-defense, insecurity, withhold and blame
  • Live by debilitating childhood patterns, habits and outworn beliefs
  • Crippled by your unexplored shadow 
  •  Live closed-hearted and cut off from the flow of love
  • Feel constricted and knotted in your body 
  • Repeatedly put yourself second and build resentments
  • Build other peoples dreams while putting off your own
  • Live hesitantly, haltingly and frustratingly
  • Feel invisible and beneath your capacity 
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  • Live aligned with - and achieve - your highest goals!
  • Live in abundance and create prosperity and mutuality!
  • Effortlessly and creatively serve connection and love! 
  • Live "at cause" - empowered and "at choice"
  •  Enjoy raw, real vulnerable  authentic happy relationships
  •  Operate from 100% self-responsibility and power! 
  • Enjoy raw, real, vulnerable, authentic happy intimate relationships! 
  • Continually upgrade new neuro-pathways and habits
  • Live open-hearted and in the flow of love and connection!
  • Feel loose, at ease and tension-free!
  • Take decisive action in service of your highest goals! 
  • Build your own dream life, generate your own reality! 
  • Live boldly  from your true inspired core! 
  • Feel on purpose, on mission, aligned, happy, grounded!

And Gain a World of New Friends and Allies for Your Dreams
Inspire Trust. Create Change. Lead with Confidence. 
To lead a Higher Game Circle and Community takes more than enthusiasm and your rugged good looks. It takes personal mastery of specific leadership skills. From grounding in your body to creating safety to setting clarity, boundaries and precision, to delivering the games cleanly, to handling intense emotions with finesse… to having fun as you master leading these ongoing adventures of growth and transformation!

“When I heard about the Higher Game and spoke with Adam, I saw this as an incredibly powerful path and tool in my mission to help women. It takes empowerment to a whole new level by helping them learn the skills they need to reach their "Higher Game" in life. I love the structure, the sense of a team with the other leaders – plus it allows potential clients to see how I interact and connect. I couldn't be more excited.”
Anna Foss
Scottdale, AZ
“I chose to become a Higher Game Leader because I saw it as a way to step further into my greatest presence, embodiment and leadership. No more playing small!”
Thomas Wolfe
Ashland, NC
I joined The Higher Game because I felt I was meant for greater service.  It inspired me to be bold and take a major step toward my greatness. As an anxiety coach, I decided it was time for me to expand my business and reach whole new crowds of potential clients”
Stephen Endres
Providence, RI
Remember - the game is on!   Come play....
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